Do you already work in the B2B segment and plan to enter the international market? There is a desire to develop and you need to find new customers, partners? The development of a B2B website will simultaneously close a number of tasks set by you.

Based on our experience in the field of website development in the B2B segment, we say that the creation of such projects is a complex and lengthy process that requires a clear understanding of the client’s business, close communication with him, and meeting the needs of the target audience. In this article, we want to show how to create your own site and what the correct B2B site should be like in order for it to be useful.

What is a B2B website?

B2B (“business to business”, “business to business”) is a type of site that is created to help the interaction of two companies. In this case, one company is the manufacturer, creator, and seller of goods or services in which the second company is interested. The second company is a buyer, a client. When purchasing goods or services from the former, she uses them for personal purposes (modification, improvement, or use as part of her goods or services), and then sells them to the final consumer. Both companies have a common goal – profit.

Between the cooperation of the two companies, the B2B website is an intermediary. With its help, the first company (which is the owner of the resource) makes an offer, and the second creates demand, examining it in detail. Therefore, such resources are complex multifunctional resources, the main purpose of which is to interest your visitor, to give what he needs and is interesting, keeping him in the ranks of regular customers.

What is a B2B website useful for business?

What is a B2B website and why create it? The answer to the question lies in the important advantages of the project:
  • Opportunity to expand your business worldwide. Such sites are not limited to work in one city, region, or even country. They provide an opportunity to expand your business around the world, attracting potential customers who may be interested in your offer;
  • Enormous savings on advertising your business to customers located in other countries;
  • An opportunity to develop your business with the help of partners. For example, expand logistics, expand production lines, technologies, information business, increase investments, etc .;
  • Reducing the burden on managers and consultants by providing complete specialized information, as well as partially automated processing of online orders;
  • Providing customers with the most in-depth and complete information about their business, including technical, financial, and specialized information that interests customers. Moreover, all information is confidential. A third party interested in business can never steal information and use it for their own purposes.
These advantages help both companies in the B2B segment to improve commercial activities, stabilize partnerships, minimize and optimize their own costs while gaining highly competitive advantages.

What types of business is a B2B site suitable for?

With the development of the market, technology, and innovation, there are many types of business for which the creation of the site will be the best option. We will give examples of the main ones:
  • Development, manufacture, and sale of equipment, parts, manufacturing of consumables that can be used to create the final product. Machine tools, production mechanisms, parts for electronic equipment, gadgets, vehicles – all this is a product of the B2B segment. This also includes the production of raw materials by the company, which should be further processed. For example, wood, which will be further processed into lumber or paper, etc .;
  • The provision of intermediary services: advertising, consulting on the provision of financial, legal, and economic advice, etc .;
  • Any company whose business is not aimed at interacting with end customers.

What is the difference between a B2B site and a B2C?

B2B and B2C sites are fundamentally different projects. B2C (business for customers) sites are aimed at interacting with end customers. It is logical that the development of these two types of site will carry different goals and objectives.

B2B vs B2C

B2B sites are most often aimed at wholesale deliveries and long-term cooperation with client companies. B2C, in turn, mainly sells retail products or services to end customers, which will then be used for their personal purposes. This includes online stores that sell goods, corporate websites offering services to the end user, landing page, selling a product or service for human use, and so on.B2B sites are the most complex from a technical and information point of view. They are always more specialized, contain very detailed and specific information of any type, are aimed at “conquering” a partner company or client. And, given that a company that is looking for a supplier, before concluding an agreement, scans a dozen B2B sites in the field of interest, our project should be ideal: professional, specialized, informative, convenient, catchy and selling. From this point of view, more loyal requirements are presented to the websites of the B2C segment.

Features of developing a B2B Website

The goals of B2B websites are more complex and deeper than when creating other types of resources. Therefore, their development begins with a detailed study of the idea and strategy, ways to promote the site. First, it is important to consider every nuance that should work for the company’s profit, and after that – technical capabilities and components of the resource. Here is a general list of the nuances that should be analyzed before starting to create a B2B website.

What tasks will the website solve

B2B websites are complex multi-page projects that must solve a whole range of problems. This includes ensuring high-quality communication between the two companies, with managers, specialists, and accounting programs. The site should contain a catalog with a detailed, specialized description of each product / service, high-quality photographs, prices (if the sales strategy provides for this), if necessary, you can upload various promotional materials for download if this is necessary for the business and there is a need for the client.

B2B Business Sales Communication
Also, a B2B resource can automatically process applications, simplify document management. The definition of tasks and goals at the first stage is infinitely important for the development of a high-quality B2B segment website.

Who is the Website Created For?

Such resources may have several groups of the target audience. For example, client companies and partner companies. Each target group has its own needs in terms of convenience, informative content of the resource and its design. It is necessary to work out each group of CAs, highlight their needs and wishes and provide the most complete opportunities for them.

What is meant? For example, a company is engaged in the production and sale of professional coffee machines for coffee houses in the CIS countries. The client company will be interested in the range of devices, their technical capabilities, characteristics, price, terms of acquisition and cooperation. For this target audience, it is necessary to develop a high-quality and detailed card for each product item and provide the opportunity to make the necessary calculations for the purchase. The partner company may be interested in investing in business, joint production. For this CA, it is necessary to provide all the information about the possibilities of cooperation, logistics, workflow, etc. For both groups of CA, the site’s functionality, design, and content should be developed corresponding to their needs.

Technical features of creating a B2B Website

The list of technical requirements for the site depends on the specifics of the business. But there are basic requirements that a resource must meet independently of it.

Website Usability

Each group of the target audience should be comfortable on the site. The structure , navigation and “laconic” information content, that is, content that does not contain excess water, are important here . If the site is aimed at several groups of the target audience, it is necessary to develop separate sections, for example, a section for investors and developers. At the same time, it is extremely important to create a logical, convenient and consistent structure that helps to quickly find the information that interests the visitor.

Website Design

The site design should create the impression of a large, serious company with great potential, and inspire confidence in the visitor. The selection of colors should focus on the specifics of the business and its target audience.

Adaptive Version

The site must have an adaptive version that will correctly adapt to all screen resolutions of tablets and smartphones. Cross-browser compatibility also plays an important role.

Do not forget that potential customers may have worse technical equipment than developers. For example, old PCs, monitors with a smaller diagonal. Therefore, you should consciously create a lightweight version of the site in order to achieve high download speeds and the correct display of information on the screen. This also includes the likelihood of a low Internet connection, which is also worth considering when developing a project and consider the nuances that will speed up its download.

The ability to expand functionality

It is very difficult to provide the full functionality of a B2B site under the conditions of continuous business development. Over time, it may become necessary to expand some functionality, add new ones, or, conversely, remove them. The technical capabilities of the project should provide this without causing much difficulty. Here it is important to take into account the choice of a modern, simple, functional and popular among developers of CMS, which will allow IT-specialists of the company to manage the resource and its content and, if necessary, allow seamlessly make changes to the site, and not develop it from scratch.

The presence of the necessary specialized functionality

Depending on the type of business, it is necessary to provide for the development of special functions for the site that provide user convenience and provide important information. This includes the integration of the 1C accounting system, modules for sorting, comparison, filters, a multi-currency system, the introduction of a database for documents, a personal account. Such functions will have a positive effect on increasing sales and reducing the need for communication with company representatives.

Quality feedback

Feedback should be represented by all existing types: indicating contact mobile and city, international phone numbers, email address, feedback form, online chat, etc. It is necessary to provide the visitor with a full range of opportunities, among which he will choose the most convenient option for him.

Professional and highly specialized content

Articles, texts on B2B sites should not contain water, be blurred. Each text should specialize in a sentence, contain highly specialized terms, slang that enhance the image of the company and testify to its professionalism. Having a blog with thematic articles will increase customer confidence.

It is worth noting that the text should have a selling character. But at the same time, he should not try to “match” a product or service, but, revealing their competitive advantages, motivate the user to action.

It should be understood that most often B2B sites are most often viewed by assistant managers, secretaries – personnel who do not make the final decision on cooperation but only collect information. This must be taken into account and used in the development of the site as one of the points in the analysis of the target audience.

Website CTA Elements

The need to place CTA (calls to action) elements is no exception for B2B sites. They should demonstrate the key benefits that the client company will receive by starting to work with the seller company. Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the competitive advantages of the seller, clearly understand how it differs from its competitors, what can offer one that others do not offer and put it in the form of a call to action. A correctly executed call to action on any kind of site is a way of lead generation and conversion of a visitor into a client. However, in the case of a B2B site, we can talk about millions of contracts, so the design of the CTA form and its content must be accurate and clear.

Successful B2B online store - what is it?

The main difference between a B2B online store and a B2C is that its detailed and deep functionality allows a business client to independently create orders, receive an invoice, generate product specifics and perform the necessary actions without having to contact a representative of the seller company.

As in retail online stores, the convenience of using the site, its content and features play a large role here. Product cards must contain a description and detailed technical characteristics of the product, large, high-quality photographs, price. Both the product card and the site itself must have a correct, understandable and logical structure, so that there is no hint of the appearance of difficulties for the user, and the design should not be distracted from the main goal for which the person went to the resource – to complete the order.

Successful B2B online store

When it comes to B2B online stores, it implies the introduction of complex, but useful features that you will never find on similar B2C resources.

Introducing sophisticated pricing algorithms

Often, pricing schemes for different wholesalers are different. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the ability for customers to see their personal prices. For example, for one company there is a discount on positions when ordering from 1000 pcs. For another, the price is calculated individually and depends on a number of factors that must be incorporated into the algorithm for automatic calculation. The counterparty must see all the pricing information in his personal account.

How to create an effective B2B website services

In terms of B2B functionality, a service site may not differ from B2C. The difference will be in content, structure and design, since the two types of sites have completely different target audiences.

It is important to understand that there are a lot of competitors in any service sector. And a potential customer may have looked at a dozen others before getting to your site. He seeks for himself benefits, advantages, highlighting the facts that will become fundamental for making the final decision for cooperation. What can be the role of these factors?

Professional but clear content

It has already been mentioned that such sites are rarely viewed by the head, entrusting the task to his subordinate. Secretaries and assistants may not always understand the specialized terminology and slang that is used in a particular field (for example, legal or economic terms). Therefore, the content should be understandable to any reader, but at the same time to be professionally, concisely stated.The correct layout of the text, its design, the availability of thematic images or videos will play into the hands of the site-seller of the service. The creation of texts and articles should be carried out by narrow-profile specialists who are versed in specific topics. Texts written by ordinary copywriters will be instantly noticed by the client. At the same time, it is very important to draw up a statement of work for the copywriter for writing the text, indicating the specifics of the activity.

How to create a B2B website effective

In order for a B2B website to be called effective, it is necessary:
  • To analyze the target audience of the business and the site, breaking it into groups;
  • Set goals and objectives for the site for each of the groups of the target audience;
  • To develop a strategy for the development, promotion of business and website;
  • To think over the functionality of the site, taking into account the needs of users from various CA groups;
  • Develop a design appropriate to the target audience and the specifics of the company’s business;
  • Make the site informative and useful by posting high-quality and specialized content;
  • Take into account all the technical and marketing requirements of website development.

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