Audiovisual formats have an increasing presence on social networks. It is likely that you have already published a video in them, but you have not wanted to send it also to your subscribers because you believe that it does not fit well in an email marketing strategy. Fear not: if subscribers can open your message from their mobile, they can also view your video from this device.

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In today’s post, we are going to describe to you some examples of campaigns that how to take advantage of video in your email marketing.

You take advantage of it so that you can see that it has a place and, in addition, it gives good results.

  • The first thing you have to consider is if you want it to be the center of the message that is, if you will take the traffic to your own page or if you want to insert it from an external service such as YouTube. The theme of the video (and the campaign) will be key to choosing one or the other option, we will give you some ideas.
  • Videos are perfect for showing the highlights of an event, both online and in person. A campaign of this type can serve to encourage those who went to share their experiences in networks or simply as thanks for having attended. In addition, it will serve as motivation to sign up for the next edition, both for those who want to repeat and those who missed it.
  • A video also works very well to summarize the new features of a service or the news of a product. In this way, subscribers get a good first impression of what they can achieve. It is more agile and simple than reading a long text or taking them to a technical specification sheet.
  • For these situations, video can add value in different ways: a step-by-step tutorial, a demonstration, the announcement of a training event … In all of them it is convenient to add a good call to action to take subscribers to a landing page to add a transcript, supplementary information or the registration form.


product or service news image

  • It can also be interesting to make a video that collects the actions carried out in a specific time frame, for example during confinement to show that the company cared about its customers and continues to do so. Another option is to make a summary of the year in the format of interviews with the employees. Unlike the previous ones, the objective is to approach subscribers in a non-commercial way and it is not necessary to create a landing specifically.

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  • This same approach would be valid in the case of sending a message of celebration or congratulation, for example, to inaugurate the summer season, a special day, or the Christmas holidays. The newsletter then becomes closer, even more so if the text is personalized with dynamic content.

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