Increasing the visibility of a website on the internet means just enhance the traffic on the website, then increasing the requests for contact or quotes then acquiring new customers via the web.
When the percentage of clicks and visits gets higher then the site is more visible on the web. Anyone who carries out a search on search engines is led to focus attention on a specific area, known for its importance with the name of “golden triangle”.

The golden triangle corresponds to the upper left area of ​​the screen, an area formed by the first, second, and third results in the SERP. As you go down, you lose potential customers, so much so that the second page is viewed on average by only 4% of users. Techniques for increasing a site’s visibility revolve around SEO techniques, where SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In practice, it is a question of applying a series of very specific measures, such as the optimization of the URL or the creation of quality content. In this regard, we recommend reading the news Optimize a website.
If the increase in visibility on search engines consequently involves an increase in visits to the site, it is also true that to achieve maximum results, web marketing, and advertising campaigns must be included. The latter, in particular, represents a valid alternative to the traditional natural positioning, the times of which are greatly extended, especially for competitive sectors. Conversely, in an advertising campaign, the ads appear instantly and guarantee an increase in traffic within 24-48 hours. The ideal, as always, is to diversify the strategy and combine positioning, web marketing, and advertising.

The 9 techniques to increase the visibility of your site on the internet

It is natural that one of the topics and topics of greatest interest to any entrepreneur is precisely related to how to increase the visibility of one’s corporate website on the internet, given that the visibility of the website translates into new customers, greater sales, and consequent increase in turnover. To be successful, every business must be visible to potential customers and for this reason, increasing the visibility of the website is essential. In fact, it is not possible to sell online if people are not aware of your product or service and do not have the possibility to choose you among the many offers that the Internet offers them.
Today the consumer is more attentive and informed and tends to search for information on products and services before purchasing both on Google and on social media. We could say, in short, that selling online is above all a question of visibility and traffic on the site. But the fundamental question is: how can we increase the visibility of a website on the internet?
You must know that putting the site online or being on Facebook is no longer enough to see customers and turnover grow and that different web marketing techniques are needed to be successful. Our Web & App Development Company gives you 9 useful techniques in this post, even if talking in every detail about how to increase the visibility of the website is much more complex.

So let’s see the 9 techniques to increase the visibility of the website on the Internet.

1.    Publish useful and interesting content

The website must be created according to the most up-to-date SEO techniques, but if it does not always offer new, original and interesting content, it will not be able to attract the interest of users. The first thing to do to increase visibility is to organize the structure of the site in order to guarantee users the best possible user experience.

By now the motto “The Content is the King ” is known by all, but only true experts know how to put this mantra into practice by making content the true soul of the product or service offered. A website with updated content will convince the reader to come back and visit the site regularly, but it will also improve the company’s search engine rankings by offering it greater visibility. In any case, it is essential to talk about business-related content and use the main keywords that identify your business, to allow spiders to offer users your own website when they search for information on the net.

publish useful content

2.    Use social networks

Use social networks. Surely Facebook and Instagram are the platforms to start from and those on which users interact the most, but the real choice of social media to use depends a lot on the type of your business. In the case of B2B, for example, you could focus on LinkedIn, while if your target audience is made up of very young people you shouldn’t exclude TikTok from your web marketing strategies. Also, in this case, the second step will be to create quality and easily shareable content, focusing a lot on the visual that has the greatest chance of becoming viral among users.

Remember, working on social media means making the word “sharing” the fulcrum of the web marketing strategy and creating relationships with people.

use social networks

3.    Get customers talking and getting brand reviews

Gaining visibility and improving the positioning of the brand in the minds of potential customers also means obtaining reviews, essential for increasing the visibility of the website. The buying behavior of people has changed and today, before buying a product or service, you consult the web looking for useful information, but also for reviews from other customers. Reviews play a decisive role in increasing the authority of the brand and the best brand ambassador is certainly the satisfied customer who tells his experience not only on your website but also on social media, helping to increase the visibility of your company.

For this reason, in addition to creating an editorial plan on social media, the advice is to manage the relationship with fans with a daily job. Criticism or a negative review is enough to ruin an online reputation built over the years or a relationship of trust between brand and company.

4.    Avoid do-it-yourself and improvisation

Doing web marketing is a real job, which cannot be improvised and must be entrusted to specialists who know the techniques, tools, and online tools to achieve the set goals. All this without forgetting the measurement of results, which allows you to adjust and correct the web marketing strategy in real-time and help the company to increase website visibility more quickly.

5.    Doing SEO and optimized copywriting

We know that talking about visibility for many means talking about SEO, or optimization for search engines and, even if this is not the only way, it is certainly the most effective way to reach customers. We know that your key question is: how to be first on Google? The answer is with constant and daily work, which is not at all easy, especially in the most competitive sectors. To ensure our customers the results they want starts from a basic analysis path and careful keyword research. The goal is to know the needs of the public, organize the structure of the website and understand which pages to create.

A key role in this web marketing activity is played by the copywriter or, as it is called today, by the SEO copywriter specialized in creating content that appeals to users, but also to search engines. Remember, the technical design of the site and the creation of the contents go hand in hand and you cannot think of creating an effective website without analyzing the target audience and their needs.

doing seo and optimized

6.    Contact customers by email on a regular basis

If your company is also among those that have a rich database of email contacts, you can add email marketing to SEO and social media marketing. If you want to get people to your site, however, even the email marketing activity aimed at increasing the visibility of the website must be entrusted to professionals, able to use the best programs and who know the persuasive copywriting techniques that make yes that the email is not only opened but also read carefully.
How to increase visibility on the web? A valid website visibility increase service it also includes the creation of landing pages, that is a page created to transform visitors into leads and which transforms the simple visibility of content into a business objective: obtaining qualified leads to sell your product and service to. In fact, we believe that visibility alone is not enough. Once you have attracted potential customers to your website, you need to communicate in the best possible way to get them to contact us.

contact customers by email

7.    Advertise on engines with Google Ads

In addition to SEO, the most used technique to increase visibility on the website are sponsorships on Google Ads, since the best results are obtained from a balanced mix of organic and paid activities. Not only that: sponsored ads are among the ideal services to increase the visibility of the site just published since SEO interventions bring results only in the medium to long term.

advertise on engines with google ads

8.    Sponsor the pages of the site on Facebook

If you think that there is only Google to get more visibility via the web, know that you are wrong. Today, many potential customers visit the sites of companies that advertise and sponsor pages on Facebook. In particular, creating a Facebook campaign means having an advanced platform available, which adapts to the business objective of your company and, in this case, to improve the visibility of the site. Not only that: doing web marketing on Facebook allows you to achieve other goals, in addition to bringing qualified visits: obtain leads, generate engagement, and increase interactions with your company.

9. Keep the site’s blog updated with quality news

Let’s go back to talking about contents, remembering, among the techniques to increase the visibility of the website, also the creation of an internal blog. Writing to inform is the secret to capturing the attention of even the most distracted users and improving the visibility of your project online.

Also, in this case, the advice is to be wary of do-it-yourself and rely on a specialized web agency, which will study the best editorial plan, taking into account the informational research of potential customers. In this case, a leading role is played by the copy of your articles, which must be created by a copywriter specialized in inbound marketing, capable not only of obtaining interesting positioning on Google but also of multiplying visits and increasing the visibility of the website.

Keep the site's blog updated with quality news

In a nutshell, we will have different types of content to work on to achieve business goals:

    • pages of the website, to capture commercial searches and which lead to the actual sale of products and services;
    • blog articles, designed to intercept information searches, or of customers looking for information on products and services. This is 80% of online searches and this figure is enough to make you understand the importance of the blog in order to increase the visibility of the site.


The last thing to keep in mind when wondering how to increase the visibility of the website is that there is no free project and that you must be wary of those who propose to increase visits and visibility without investments. Compared to the blog, to increase the visibility of the website it is important to rely on the best resources and rely on the best specialists since even the creation of the “simple” editorial calendar has a cost.

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