Would you like to learn programming, but you don’t know which programming language is the right one to start with? We believe: Python is a good choice for beginners. It not only helps you to get started in the world of programming, but also offers enough options for advanced and professional programmers.

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  • Why should you learn the Python programming language?
  • What is Python unsuitable for?
  • Where can I learn Python?

Why should you learn the Python Programming Language?

With the numerous advantages of Python, more and more people are choosing to learn the language. It is still young: it was only made available to the general public at the beginning of 1991. For comparison: The oldest programming language ever developed with the name “Plankalkül” was published in 1964. But why Python is so popular?

Python is easy

Python was developed to make it easier for beginners to learn other programming languages. So the developers consciously pursued the goal of finding the simplest possible solution. The syntax, i.e. the structure, shows, among other things, that the goal has been achieved. It is kept very simple compared to other languages. No unnecessary code was even implemented. This is a major reason for Python’s simplicity.

Today, Python is a fully fledged programming language that can keep up with major competitors such as C ++ or Java . If you want to create world-changing code, you can use Python for this as well as for your first steps in the style of “Hello World”. The language still fulfills the requirements that its developers have pursued: Those who master Python have an easier time learning other programming languages.

Python is fast

Programs that are reduced to the essentials run faster in practice. If you work with Python, you can first look forward to the quick installation, which is also very uncomplicated. Working with this language will also save you time. Compared to other programming languages, you have to write less code to get the same result. You also save time when learning Python: Because it’s so easy, you’ll be able to create your own programs faster.

More and more people are learning python. The importance is steadily increasing. This is also indicated by the following graphic. At Stack Overflow, Q & A platform for developers, it turns in most cases Python. This is a clear sign that Python has long left behind the competition in practice.

Do you want to learn python? Thanks to its wide use, you will already discover an amazing selection of tried and tested programming ideas to imitate and learn. In addition, if you have questions, you often only have to start a suitable Google search to find answers and solutions.

Python is future proof

Python is important. Python is relevant. This is unlikely to change in the future either. Reasons why Python will be more in demand in the coming decades is, in addition to the advantages already mentioned, the existing link with the technologies of tomorrow. Among other things, Python is firmly interwoven with the IT fields:

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Game Development
  • Cloud Configuration

Python offers (almost) endless possibilities

You can make annoying routine work easier for yourself in general scripting with Python by creating numerous small programs and using them in automated processes. You can find out more about this exciting process in the book “ Automate the Boring Stuff with Python ” by Al Sweigart.

You can also use the backend programming, which ensures that users of your programs have no idea how hard Python works in the background to process tasks such as database queries. The users simply enjoy the appealing interface and the pleasant user experience.

The artificial intelligence (AI) to approximately optimize human and economic in the future many processes. A huge potential of exciting developments awaits here. In the field of machine learning, Python is already the most popular programming language. Therefore, it is worthwhile for everyone who wants to influence in this regard to master the language.

Big data is one of the most important buzzwords of our time. However, in order to efficiently evaluate huge amounts of data and present the results obtained appropriately, a solution for data analysis and visualization is required. Python is also the right choice here.

Better prototyping awaits you with Python. The programming language offers you a large selection of useful tools for your projects after installation. Thanks to the large community of Python developers, you also have access to a huge pool of modules.

Python is in demand at learning locations such as schools and universities because its many advantages make the programming language a useful tool for teaching.

Extensive libraries and frameworks are already available

Python does not lack libraries: In addition to the standard library, thanks to the large user community, there are many more available to you. Should problems ever arise while programming, you can search for solutions in the more than 125,000 external libraries . This illustrates why Python is used in so many important areas of IT.

The following libraries are recommended:

By the way, some web developers also trust Python. Although the programming language is not the best solution in this regard, because smartphones and tablets can stumble a little when it comes to compatibility, important platforms such as Youtube or Instagram are based on it.

It is different with automation, because here Python is generally recommended. If you want to scan the internet for certain data and save it automatically, Python will do it for you. From time to time tables help with problems. Python is suitable for working with these automatically. The software can also send messages for you – without your involvement. Anyone who appreciates automation to make their work easier is well advised to use Python for many other tasks.

Good jobs and high salaries in prospect

Are you looking for a job that satisfies you and where you can earn good money? If programming is your thing, you can expect excellent career and earnings prospects as a Python developer. Annual salaries of 70,000 euros are quite possible – especially in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence. Due to increasing digitalization, the industry can also look to first-class future prospects.

What is Python unsuitable for?

Despite its numerous merits, Python also has some weaknesses. Not every task can be done with it. Problems await you, for example, if you put emphasis on precise timing when running garbage collection. Here there are often deviations in the execution speed. If you want the best results here, you will do better with other languages ​​such as C or C ++ because they correspond better to the hardware. Python is an interpreted language that shows its weaknesses here.

Where can I learn Python?

Personally, I think highly of the online courses and, for example, taught myself JavaScript with two such courses at udemy.com or valuetrainings.online.

Contact us to learn more about our python development services and how we can help you achieve your business and technology goals.

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