The boom in Mobile Apps with the greatest force occurred in 2008 where Android launched its mobile application store for all its users. The statistics of recent years confirm its growth.

Since then, the increase in users who use their mobile devices for all their daily activities has not stopped.

However, more and more users are more demanding with the decision to download a mobile application; Due to the volume of options that are in the market and many of these have lost interest due to their lack of novelty.

This is why the challenges for the Development of Mobile Applications must be focused on discovering new solutions to everyday problems, truly finding elements that differentiate them from the competition.

5 Challenges of Mobile Application Development in 2021

  • Really Innovative Ideas: no more attempts by Uber, Rappi, Airbnb.
  • ASO: with the large volume of Mobile Applications in stores, the challenge of its programmers is to get them to be in the first positions, so the strategy integrates mobile marketing, attraction marketing, content marketing, optimization, funnels, etc.
  • Lower Value: Reduce the development value of mobile applications, because SME’s want to create them for their businesses, but there are still few financial possibilities for them to invest.
  • Functional Hybrid Mobile Developments: Although even large companies, in general, want native developments, as the market points to in 2020 for SME’s, hybrid options should be offered that are cheaper but live up to a native mobile application; that is, navigation speed and power in its functions.
  • Update: easy updating of content, codes, versions; it is clear that the market is targeting SME’s therefore hybrid mobile applications could take advantage due to the ease of their three points.

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